What Would a Jihadist Do?

Would a jihadist:Cosponsor a United Nations resolution in 2009 imposing "shariah blasphemy" laws that utterly conflict with the American First Amendment's protection of free speech  After all, free speech is prohibited within the Muslim-controlled world.Appoint a sharia finance specialist to the White House to influence American banking transactions to comply with sharia law.Increase America's debt to ensure that Americans will be interminably indebted to other countries and forced to do business with sharia-compliant banks, thus promoting the quiet takeover of the avowed enemy.Hinder economic movement in America by setting up roadblocks for small businesses, the lifeblood of American enterprise.Turn his back on believers in freedom and choice as they are inimical to jihadism.Hurt Americans ability to stay well.  A weakened and distracted America will not worry too much about stealth jihadist movements.Permit sharia financing to infiltrate American banking by...(Read Full Post)