Soros steps up his war against American energy independence

George Soros is continuing his assault on America's shale gas industry. His latest step is to mobilize MoveOn.Org, a so-called 527 group that he liberally funds, to join forces with the very left-wing Working Families Party of New York in an effort to stop the process of hydrofracking: a crucial , and safe, technology used to tap our nation's abundant natural gas reserves:The New York Observer reports:The 4.2 million member strong online community is sending out an email urging its supporters to sign a Working Families Party petition that would place a one-year moratorium on hydrofracking.It is rare for MoveOn to engage in local issues, and it is believed to be the first time that the group has collaborated with the New York City-based WFP.The WFP delivered 22,000 signatures to the Senate last night. If the Senate passes the moratorium, the Assembly is expected to follow suit.In the spring, Congress asked the Environmental Protection Agency to study the risks of...(Read Full Post)