Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Karl Marx...Revisited

With liberals now rushing out of the woodwork to denounce American stupidity over the persistent perception that Obama is not a Christian and may indeed be a stealth Muslim, it seems a perfect time to revisit the exact nature of Obama's Christian experience.  As I wrote extensively after my own visit to Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago, the theology preached there was a cunningly cloaked racist political creed that bore very little resemblance to mainstream Christianity.Since we now know, because of the recent Journolist revelations, that there was a conspiratorial movement among "mainstream" journalists to squash the Jeremiah Wright controversy during the campaign and to label those of us hammering the issue's details as "racists," the media has only itself to blame for not pushing Obama then to fully explain how his Christian beliefs differed (if they indeed did differ) from the Farrakhan-honoring pastor he later chose to denounce.  As Wright's black...(Read Full Post)