Linda McMahon Wins, Ruling Class Mourns

The professional politicians mocked her. The mainstream media spent each week finding new ways to paint her as the greatest threat ever to Obama's government. Never mind that she had built an entertainment empire worth more than $1.1 billion, and created more private sector jobs in the state of Connecticut than the combined efforts of its Republican and Democratic elites over the past two decades. No, leave it to the wisdom and might of professional politicians and mainstream media: no amateurs need apply.Linda McMahon refused to give in, forging ahead in her quest for the seat now held by Democratic Senator Chris Dodd. Nasty? Sure, but nothing she had not seen during 30 years creating and heading one of the nation's most successful entertainment companies, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But she kept going, and this week received 49% of the votes in a three-way primary, with 28% going to the unanimous choice of the political and media elites, a former RINO congressman and Yale...(Read Full Post)