Karl Rove: cerebral media star

Defying all conventional wisdom, the most prominent vestigial presence of the Bush Administration has turned out to be the liberal media's bête noir, Karl Rove.

During the eight years Bush was in office, we heard endlessly in the mainstream media about Rove, the Architect, that cunning boy genius and scheming malefactor behind every supposed malevolent deed perpetrated by the evil Bush Administration. Curiously, we never heard from the evil Rove himself. The Bush Administration must be credited with keeping this fire-breathing dragon successfully sequestered in his cave for eight long years.

Alas, the dragon has emerged, and guess what? The calculating and evil liberal nemesis turns out to be a sort of roly-poly, somewhat jowly, but always congenial good ol' boy from Texas. Yep, that high, broad forehead indicates there might be a good deal of gray matter behind it, and that surmise is substantiated by the steady stream of political wisdom that flows on television show after show as the former Svengali reveals the keen insights that made him so valued by Bush.

Rove's ubiquitous media presence as this sort of cerebral, genial, and very wise teddy bear serves to debunk yet one more liberal myth. Have you heard a single liberal media type rant about the Evil Rove since Karl took to the media ether? And to top it all off, Karl has a warm, mellifluous voice that only enhances his screen presence, turning out to be a media natural.

Do you suppose the media might be just as wrong about Sarah Palin as they were about Karl Rove? Yeah, without question, but those too-sophisticated fools will never admit it.