CBS News is still dead

CBS News highlighted the recent broadcast commentary by their multi million dollar star news reader Katie Couric who

discusses the growing controversy over the proposal to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Couric comments that we cannot let fear and rage tear down the towers of our core American Values.

Drudge Report highlighted


which linked to this report on Media Bistro

"CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" tied its all-time low in total viewers with an average of 4.89 million tuning in during the five days.

Hmmmm, is there a connection? While the evening news broadcasts of NBC News and ABC News are doing better

Last week, NBC averaged 7.42 million total viewers and ABC averaged 6.51 million.

these last century artifacts are losing viewers, especially the coveted under 50 viewers, who mostly get their news 24/7/365 on assorted e devices, with just the facts please. If opinion is wanted, well there are sources for that also.

Couric--and all the other highly paid national and local news anchors--are certainly entitled to their opinions. But for too long their opinions have been the default position fed to the public as straight factual news; those ideas that didn't fit, especially what was labeled conservative, were dismissed as extreme; mockable if noted at all. Thanks to multiple news outlets--and multiple methods of receiving the news--people across all demographic stratums are dropping static nightly news broadcasts in favor of contemporary alternatives.

So prattle away Katie. And Brian and Diane and even Wolf, Keith, and Christianne too. Those who want to listen to you, read you will do so. After all, this too is part of "our core American values."