Howard Zinn's Communism, by any other name

Howard Zinn, the late author of A People's History of the United States, has just been exposed as a longtime member of various Communist groups in the United States.This should hardly come as a surprise to most sensible and observant Americans.  His most famous book admittedly sought to portray America through the eyes of a Marxist, and this seminal work is an outright indictment of American imperialism and capitalism.But in light of this news directly exposing his Communist ties, it can be said with certainty that the venerated literature Zinn leaves to his supporters in the American left resonates Communist ideals.  Indeed, it now seems undeniable that the seeds and roots of Communism have sprouted and taken hold in America, as Zinn's work has legions of influential followers.Curiosity demands a response from the left.  Now that we all know for a fact that Zinn was a Communist, will that change the opinions of his supporters, or will they just be forthcoming and...(Read Full Post)