Fidel Castro evaluates U.S. education

We all know that Fidel Castro is pretty much an invalid. He now has to be bathed and provided with diapers. This is a product of his ailments and old age, and he certainly cannot be blamed for that. He can be blamed, however, for being so ignorant and for allowing his secretaries to give him poor advice and information on which to base his articles. His most recent one, just published in the website Cubadebate deals with the quality of U.S. education. He bases his article in a study prepared every year since 1998 by Beloit College in Wisconsin, called the Mindset List. In this study the university lists the predominant cultural beliefs and attitudes of the incoming freshman year, in this case the 2014 class. Some of the habits or beliefs mentioned by the study include the fact that this young people do not use watches any longer, preferring to look at the time in their cell phones, do not write in cursive, believe that Beethoven is a dog or that Michelangelo is a computer virus. The...(Read Full Post)