Cordoba Mosque Developer Tax Deadbeat

The more we learn about the developer the less likely it seems the mosque will get off the ground.The NY Post reports that Gamal has a signficant unpaid tax bill :Sharif El-Gamal, the leading organizer behind the mosque and community center near Ground Zero, owes $224,270.77 in back property tax on the site, city records show.El-Gamal's company, 45 Park Place Partners, failed to pay its half-yearly bills in January and July, according to the city Finance Department.The delinquency is a possible violation of El-Gamal's lease with Con Edison, which owns half of the proposed building site on Park Place. El-Gamal owns the other half but must pay taxes on the entire parcel.The lease agreement, obtained by The Post, specifies that El-Gamal's company pay taxes on the property and submit receipts to Con Ed.The utility said it would have to review any possible lease violations.That's not the only stumbling block for the project, says the Post:Before any building can go forward, the developers...(Read Full Post)