9/11 Ground Zero rally needs help

The rally planned for Ground Zero on September 11th, protesting the planned mosque, needs assistance. Jihad Watch explains the situation:Our rally will be on September 11 at 3PM in lower Manhattan, at the corner of Park Place and West Broadway.Speakers will include 9/11 family members, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton; Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders (LIVE!); journalist Andrew Breitbart (either live or via video stream); NY Senate candidate Gary Bernsten; war hero and NC Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano; actress and activist Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady on TV's Brady Bunch); NY Congressional candidate and 9/11 first responder Michael Grimm; Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla; a spokesman for the ACLJ, and other freedom fighters and proud Americans.Our expenses for this are enormous. The staging and video screen for the speakers who will be joining us remotely costs over $12,000 alone. We also have to hire a large number of security guards: our speakers...(Read Full Post)