Wind power bailout coming?

Science and economics show claims that wind energy can substitute for fossil fuels to be just so much hot air. Wind power installations have plummeted in the reality-based world. In a story headlined "wind installations drop 71% in the first half and the forecast past 2010 looks dreary," the Los Angeles Times reports:The U.S. wind industry is in distress," a top renewable energy advocate said Tuesday, and the situation appears as though it could get worse.Denise Bode, chief executive of the American Wind Energy Assn., said that without a national renewable energy standard, investment and interest in wind projects past 2010 would be headed for a free fall.Despite more than 5.5 gigawatts under construction, the number of installations this year will still end up 25% to 45% below 2009 levels, according to a new report from the group. And beyond that, there's a yawning hole in the queue for planned projects.The first half of the year saw just 1,239 new megawatts come...(Read Full Post)