What's missing from Sherrod Story?

Imagine a meeting of the "Defenders of White Cops" where a 50-year-old white lieutenant is the guest speaker.He gives a 45 minute speech and tells the story of how his Dad, a white police officer, was gunned down by a black crook. When the lieutenant joined the police force 25 years ago, he hated blacks. He would bend laws and do whatever he could to arrest black men. He relished every opportunity to use his billy club on blacks. While he is telling this portion of the story, some members of the audience are cheering and yelling comments like "I hear ya!" and "That's what I'm talkin about!." Then, he tells how he had an epiphany. His hatred for blacks was wrong and misguided. Who he really hated was criminals regardless of their color. It wasn't a black-white thing. It was a good citizen, bad citizen thing. He hated white crooks as much as black crooks. He loved good black citizens as much as good white citizens. While he is telling this...(Read Full Post)