What British company helped in the release of the Lockerbie terrorist?

I've been sympathetic toward BP since the rig explosion.  Their treatment by Obama rated some sympathy.  OK, they are responsible for the explosion and the resulting mess, so sympathy is tempered.  BP also turns out to be a major contributor to Obama and the rest of the Democrats.  More tempering of sympathy.

A day or two ago whatever sympathy I might have felt toward BP was shattered. A well of antipathy now resides in me.  Why?  Its what I have learned about BPs role in the release of the Lockerbie terrorist. 

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was released from a prison in Scotland in September on the basis of humanitarianism.  He had no more than three months to live because of prostate cancer.  Questions were raised at the time, and these questions seem to be well directed.  Al-Megrahi is the picture of health now, and according to a British doctor, could live for another 10 years.

It turns out the release was orchestrated in support of an oil deal between Libya and a British oil firm worth millions of dollars.  So, as part of the deal Al-Megrahi was released based on a falsified medical condition.  The name of the British oil firm?  BP. 

I want BP officials responsible for this punished.  If the British prime minister Gordon Brown knew what was really going on, I want him punished too. One more reason to be really angry with BP.