America an Empire 'On the Edge of Chaos' and Collapse

Up is down, yin is yang, central planning is just, and a European is lecturing Americans about the catastrophic consequences of profligate government debt and entitlement programs. Fortunately it is famed British historian Niall Ferguson doing the talking because he knows what he's talking about.

Ferguson recently spoke at the Aspen Institute's Ideas Festival, an international nonprofit, nonideological organization, and the Harvard professor warned that the cannibalistic ways of US fiscal policy is literally leading to its collapse - rapidly. Rome was not built in a day, but it certainly did collapse in one, reminded Paul Krugman's favorite financial commentator.

the left and much the world actively work and pray for America's collapse as the world's first lone superpower, the Brit isn't so biased and intellectually-challenged - predicting one result of a change in America's superpower status would be the Middle East "spiraling out of control."

More on delusional politicos and the omnipotent federal government - from the Aspen Times

And American politicians don't have a sense of urgency, Ferguson contended. They feel the country can limp along for another 20 years or so in its current financial health without making tough decisions about fiscal policy. He believes they are wrong. The federal government's debt has grown so large in the past decade that the United States will inevitably devote an increasing amount of taxes to it. Meanwhile it's facing a greater burden through the Medicare and Social Security programs as Baby Boomers age. It's also currently fighting two wars. All that while revenues have plummeted in the recession.

"If you really want to see when an empire is getting vulnerable, the big giveaway is when the costs of serving the debt exceed the cost of the defense budget," Ferguson said. That will happen in the United States within the next six years, he predicted. [...

To add to the doom and gloom, Ferguson said the collapse could come much quicker than people realize.

"Most empires collapse fast," Ferguson said. "They're complex systems. They exist on the edge of chaos. It doesn't take much to tip them over, and when they tip over, they fall apart really quickly."

He cited the Soviet Union as an example and noted Rome's collapse happened in just a generation.

emulate the inherently flawed and immoral ideology that fails wherever, whenever it is tried?? What a concept.

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