Western liberators of oppressed Arabs rewarded with rape

Hey all you attractive--or even semi attractive--anti Israel, anti Zionist, anti Jewish and maybe incidentally pro Arab, foreign female (and sometimes male) activists. Be careful. The objects of your affections have different affections towards you when you actually take your imperialist selves to help the (so called) oppressed on their own turf. Even if you're a Muslim.

Using one of the world's most creative come on lines, a young oppressed Muslim in a village near Bethlehem--yes, that Bethlehem--by the name of Aladdin (really!) begged a liberating, liberal American Muslim woman and her equally liberal, liberating room mates "Hide me in your room, the Israel Defense Forces are after me; they beat me last week." She--and her room mates--fell for it and let the young man stay in their room. Her reward? Attempted rape.

Avi Issacharoff of Israel's leftish paper Ha'aretz explains how the elders of the village where the incident occurred reacted to this insult to their would be liberators.

However, Haaretz learned that representatives of both the popular protest movement and the PA have since pressured the American peace activist to prevent her from going public with the story.


When news of the incident reached the village's popular committee, the protests' governing body, Aladdin reportedly refused to apologize - saying the encounter had been marginal and normal. The American activist then asked the committee to notify the authorities of the attempted rape, resulting in the man's arrest in Bethlehem. After Aladdin agreed to apologize for the incident, the PA police released him from custody.

The woman was subsequently convinced to retract her complaint to avoid tainting the image of the popular protest.

However, the Umm Salamuna case does not appear to be the only one. Activists know of other incidents in which Palestinians have allegedly sexually assaulted foreign peace activists, a subject apparently raised in discussions held among various popular committees.

Foreign female activists regularly participate in protests in the villages of Bil'in, Na'alin and others, where the activists stay in separate houses. Some villagers do not agree with these housing arrangements, claiming the villages' youth, who frequently visit the activists, are corrupted by the young women.

Yes, freedom, especially the freedoms displayed by American Muslim females, corrupts. Darn those Israelis! Darn those Americans! Let's rape them, this is "normal and marginal" and then kill them to preserve our way of life!