The Rapid Decline of Modern Civilization

When Paul Johnson wrote Modern Times, he pointed out the fallacy of the Malthusian Paul Ehrlich types predicting doom in our times due to the predicted population "bomb."Johnson pointed out the simple math of demographic decline worldwide as the modern world became more prosperous.  The Population Bomb never came.  It was just as much as a hoax as global warming ever was.But the ruling class in academia and government clung to the false notion that our "over populated" planet was running out of room, water, and food for humanity to survive.  To this very day the ruling class subscribes to the fairy tale of the UN inspired "Sustainability." Each and everyday we bombard our children of the dangers of "unwanted" pregnancies.  We hand out condoms and birth control pills.  Abortion of our posterity has become a "right."  Universities have told us that patriarchy is a dirty word.Fifty million abortions later we...(Read Full Post)