The Elian Gonzalez case 10 years on

Today, as the left decries the lawful deportation of illegal immigrants it is telling that a mere ten years ago they backed the use of federal troops to extract an illegal from a private home and send him back to a totalitarian country his mother tried to escape with him from.Historians argue that events should be studied only after fifty years has passed. Only from that vantage point can all the complexities of the event be taken in. Not so with the Elian Gonzales case; its features were evident from day one. It was a spectacle wrought with leftist hypocrisy. President Bill Clinton, a perjurer, argued that the "rule of law" required Elian to be returned to a Communist dictator. The President, who has broken up several homes by his perpetual adultery, expressed support for the verdict by citing a parent's bond with his child. The Attorney General, who oversaw the scorched bodies of Waco, spoke of the Swat Team raid as saving the little boy. Others saw little wrong with the...(Read Full Post)