The consistent, inconsistency of the Obama administration

Our President is removing "Islamic" from the term "Islamic Terrorist" to prevent an entire religion from being represented by the proven actions of some of their followers.  However he actively engages an organization, the NAACP, which seeks to tarnish all members of an entire political movement with the term "racist" based on the unproven allegations put forth by members of the NAACP.  This is the mark of a great communicator.

Arizona should be engaged in a court battle with the federal government for taking the position of helping to enforce federal immigration laws with local resources.  Although, here again on the other side of the issue, sanctuary cities with laws in conflict with federal law are praised at times, or if it is politically inconvenient to discus, simply overlooked.  Mr. Gibbs was going to get back to us on this one.

The US attorney general appointed by the President sees no racial intent by the New Black Panther Party members in military garb outside of a polling place on an election day.  Yet at about the same time Mr. Holder reached that conclusion, according to our President, white police in Massachusetts acted stupidly by confronting a black man breaking into a house.  This goes to motive, your honor!

The President recently charged that police in Arizona will surely violate the new law and prove themselves to be racist as well. A person of color out to get ice cream with their family will surely be grabbed off the street by the police and forced to produce their papers.  Fortunately Eric Holder told us last Sunday morning that he is prepared to file suit as soon as this takes place.

You have to appreciate the consistent, inconsistency even if you don't care for it.