Fat tax increase

As if the residents of the city and state that brought you President Barack Obama (D) aren't taxed enough to support their corrupt--and now totally broke and deeply in debt--"public servants" (hey there Michelle Obama) here comes another creative tax.   All in the name of Big All Knowing Daddy helping his constituent/suckers of course. All for your own good of course.

CBS 2's Kristyn Hartman reports it's all about obesity.

A coalition of groups is in the very early stages of mapping out a plan to fight fat in Illinois. Sugared beverage consumption has tracked with rising obesity rates - so it's getting some attention.


Illinois Public Health Institute CEO Elissa Bassler said, "Maybe changing the ways we use beverages can be a part of handling obesity."


"Some of the current research is talking about a penny or two cents an ounce as needed to be expensive enough to affect consumption," said Bassler.


The idea is spreading across the country and here in Illinois, home to the fourth worst rate of childhood obesity. Enter tax talk.

Hey Ms. Bassler and greedy public servants: how individuals handle obesity is up to them, their doctors and their personal preferences and wallets--not yours.

But backers say tax revenues could go to things like bike paths, which anyone could use to get fit.

But Chicago and Illinois citizens know tax revenues would go to things like bribes from the highest bidding kickback contractor to the politician in charge of building still yet another bike path which any corrupt politician would use to get his/hers/their personal bank account fitter.

(Ex-Gov Rod Blagoyjevich (D-IL), call Chicago's world renowned Children's Memorial Hospital and offer them your "f'....ing golden" opportunity tax dollars to improve children's health in exchange for a five figure contribution to your campaign.)

Chicago and Illinois don't need another Nanny State euphemism tax increase.