Steven Chu's Snake Oil

You probably have been hearing a lot of nonsense lately about the integrity of BP's Macondo well casing. A lot of it has been coming from those who ought to know better, specifically including Energy Secretary Chu. Click here for a copy of the well diagram saved from the DOE website. I recommend that you print it out to follow along. What we will look at is on the left hand side of the page.Starting at the top it says "ML @ 5067'MD/TVD". Translating, it means Mud Line @ 5,067' Measured Depth/Total Vertical Depth.Next it says "16" supplemental adapter @ 5227' in 22" extension joint 18".375" ID (1.25" wall pipe above" -  That is the "hanger" for the 16" casing. Just below the hanger, if you look at the wall itself, you will see a dark vertical line on the outside (the 36" casing), a gray band (cement), another dark vertical line (the 28" casing), more cement, a third dark line (the 22"...(Read Full Post)