Republicans Must Govern Responsibly

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, is rightfully garnering much attention from conservative news sources and blogs as he tackles the seemingly insurmountable budget deficits created by the Democrat Party's long-time control of his state. Standing up to such budget-busting organizations as the teachers' and other public service unions, Christie is leading the way in the fight this nation must win to regain its fiscal sanity. And Christie is not alone. Little noticed outside his home state, the newly-elected Republican mayor of Albuquerque, Richard Berry, is taking a knife to the incredibly generous contracts entered into with various public service employee unions during a quarter century of Democrat rule, particularly by his predecessor, Democrat Martin Chavez, who in 2008 blithely agreed to a police union demand which allowed rookie police officers to increase their starting pay by 47% in three years, an astounding 16% per year. That's not too shabby when one considers that...(Read Full Post)