Rep. Pete Stark: the Borders are Secure and we are all idiots

Posted below is a revealing video of Rep. Fortney Pete Stark, (D-CA) at a recent town hall meeting with his constituents. To call him contemptuous would be an understatement. To their faces he smugly ridicules every single person who speaks up at this meeting. And he is an equal opportunity dispenser of disdain. Among the audience are representatives of practically every hyphenated-American in existence, and they all demand one thing: seal the border. His blasé response? "Our borders are quite secure, thank you." Stark's sneering, insulting attitude is the modern face of Progressivism. Actually, it has always been the face of progressivism, but progressives used to be a little more careful about showing it. As one of Congress's most hardcore leftists, Stark is a prominent member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the website for which used to be linked to the Democratic Socialists of America site until WorldNetDaily exposed that fact in 1999. House...(Read Full Post)