Racial sensitivity police caught napping

Where is Eric Holder's Justice Department?  Government Motors is running the wrong kind of commercials.In the way of background, Dude Perfect, a clever group of Texas A&M students, has been executing and recording some astonishing feats with the help of an all-new 2011 GMC Sierra Denali Heavy Duty pickup.General Motors has taken to running their feats as ads, like this one in which one of the Dude Perfect crew shoots and makes a basket from a passing airplane. The offense here is not false advertising.  As far as I know, Dude Perfect fakes nothing -- and this includes, alas, the cheerful interracial bonhomie we rightfully demand in our TV commercials.  The ad above shows seven young men having fun together, and they are all, yes all, embarrassingly white.  Not since Coca-Cola taught the world to sing nearly forty years ago has this large a group of white people so shamelessly enjoyed each other's company in a commercial.  We might expect such indelicacy...(Read Full Post)