Progress in the Gulf?

The flow of information from BP and the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command has been less than transparent, but the website The Oil Drum has lots of information that offers some much needed hope to residents of the Gulf States. The Man in ChargeThe man in charge is John Wright of the John Wright Company, a part of Boot & Coots International, the successor the Red Adair's company .  Mr. Wright reports that his firm has successfully used relief wells to control 40 out of 40 wild wells. How the Relief Well will be DrilledBP's Kent Wells has put out a video of the process of drilling the relief wells. The Oil Drum's contributor "Heading Out" has a terrific post on how the Macondo #3 relief well (RW) will be interconnected to Macondo #1, the WW (Wild Well). Plugging the Damn HoleIn a follow-on post today, Heading Out makes the following statementOnce the wave action drops below about 3 - 5 ft then the cap on the well will be replaced. They have to undo 24 bolts to do this...(Read Full Post)