Pelosi discovers the fastest way to create jobs

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Dreamworld, CA), the first woman ever to serve as Speaker of the House made another breakthrough today, with a discovery that has eluded humanity since Adam--how to create jobs

Unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs.

Or as she carefully phrased it in her press release castigating Republicans after the House passed an extension of unemployment benefits

"These benefits help struggling families make ends meet, boost consumer demand to spur hiring by small businesses, and strengthen our economy as a whole.
Oh. But Nancy, businesses small and large are the ones taxed to subsidize these unemployment benefits, reducing their funds to actually hire people. Private businesses using their money spurs hiring; employed people have an easier time making ends meet than those living off of unemployment benefits. At least in the real world that is how things work.

As Jim Holt of Gateway Pundit noted .
This may help explain why the national unemployment rate went from 4.6 % to 9.7% since she took over as Speaker of the House.
As Pelosi and President Barack Obama (D) would say, "That's Bush's fault."