Longer waits, crowding coming to an ER near you

Now that Obamacare has passed without anyone actually reading it, some people have decided to read it. And what they're reading is...scary. Remember all those dire predictions that Obamacare would be expensive and not affordable, the quality care we've come to expect would deteriorate and low income people would suffer most? Proponents pooh-poohed these qualms but the opponents are being proven correct.

The non partisan, usually reliable Congressional Budget Office, has already come out with budget projections that Obamacare will be more expensive, much more expensive, than initially thought. And now Carla K. Jackson, an AP medical writer reports, Obamacare might result in longer wait times in more overcrowded emergency rooms and fewer doctors willing to take on the poorest patients--Medicaid patients.

Who knew? Merely the overwhelming majority of Americans who rejected government run health care, that's who. But in the elitist world of Democrats that was not important, expanding their reach under the euphemistically justified social justice rubric, was the goal. They've succeeded--for now. And unless it is changed, we'll all suffer. Except for the ones who passed the law--they'll get around it.