Obama to fed workers: ride your bikes to work and leave the driving to me

Remove the Schwinn  from the garage wall and lace up the roller blades because Cadillac-riding, jet-setting, perpetually-vacationing Barack has handed down a decree to underling federal workers: "Cut down on business travel and commuting by car to reduce heat-trapping emissions produced by the federal government."  Obama, who jetted into Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton, Maine followed closely behind by another jet carrying Bo the first dog and presidential aide Reggie Love, issued another diktat: "Ditch the automobile and jog to work." But then again in many ways Barry has been a stellar example.  Obama assisted in curtailing "heat-trapping emissions...carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas... from indirect sources," by closing down Maine's Hancock County Airport.   Grounding every plane except the two aircraft the Obama entourage arrived on cuts down on emissions and could be interpreted as an exemplary...(Read Full Post)