More poll trouble for Obama

It took the federal government weeks to begin putting together a plan to deal with the oil spill in the Gulf, as over a dozen federal agencies bickered over the proper chain of command and waited for the White House to provide direction.  According to a recent poll conducted by Zogby International, a majority of voters point to the Obama administration as the source of confusion.  The Poll was conducted June 25-28 and surveyed 2,061 likely voters.The Poll asked:In the Gulf oil spill crisis, the Obama administration has been criticized by some for confusing lines of authority between Homeland Security, the EPA and the Coast Guard. Do you agree or disagree with this criticism?Overall, 62% of voters agree with criticism that the Obama administration confused the federal response to the oil spill crisis, while only 27% disagree. Among Independent voters, 64% say the Obama administration was the source of federal confusion, and just 27% disagree.A majority of those who had to pay...(Read Full Post)