Maxine Waters in ethics trouble too

Far left liberal nutcase Maxine Waters has ethics problems - big time. The Los Angeles Times is reporting: One of Los Angeles' most enduring black politicians, Waters came under scrutiny last year after Massachusetts-based OneUnited Bank, one of the nation's largest minority-owned institutions, received $12 million in bailout funds.The funding came three months after Waters, a senior member of the committee that oversees banking, helped arrange a meeting between officials of the bank, other minority-owned financial institutions and Treasury Department representatives.Waters' husband, Sidney Williams, had owned stock in the bank and served on its board.The Los Angeles Times conveniently forgets to touch upon the fact that Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass) was also involved in the bailout of this bank. As head of the House Financial Services Committee, he was able to insert legislation designed to replenish the coffers of OneUnited with taxpayer money. Troubled OneUnited Bank in Boston...(Read Full Post)