Leaving Las Vegas - if they re-elect Reid

My wife and I love Las Vegas; to us it is as the cliché suggests, Disneyworld for adults. While neither of us is a true gambler, we love the charged ambiance of the casinos, the many restaurants where you can dine well while not busting the budget and the overall excitement of being in America's favorite playground. Want to see what American ingenuity and private enterprise has wrought? Cruise the Las Vegas strip at night in a convertible as we always do. It's dragging main but it's Main Street on steroids, Bubba, America's most glittering, tantalizing Main Street, with something new and exhilarating with every new pass. That said, we aren't going to be doing any of that if Nevadans, half of whom reside in Las Vegas, choose to rally behind Oilbama's visit and inflict six more years of Harry Reid on the rest of us. And before any of you think to chastise me for being an out-of-stater interfering in local politics, let me remind you of how much Harry Reid has interfered in...(Read Full Post)