Here's What Happened to the Jobs

So John Harwood of the cable financial network CNBC and the New York Times are just flummoxed over what happened to all the job losses in the country.  What a hoot.And they are joined by so many in what has been accurately called our "ruling class" of politicians, academics, bureaucrats and media figures.  These elitists just can't figure it out.  Come on folks -- it's so easy even an Ivy Leaguer can figure it out.Or maybe not.But business owners and entrepreneurs around the country have it figured out.  In fact, here's evidence they had it figured out two year ago:  From early December of 2008:When the jobs report for November (2008) came out last week, many so-called "experts" were shocked at the massive loss of an estimated 533 thousand jobs. Even a Time /CNN organization called "The Curious Capitalists" were at a loss to explain it.Let me attempt to help out these "curious capitalists" (though I am still...(Read Full Post)