Green Schemes benefits Democratic 'friends and family' program members

File under Green Schemes: Abound Solar received a $400 million grant to ramp up production of cadmium telluride photovoltaic panels. Here's a coincidence: Russ Kanjorski, nephew of Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Paul Kanjorski, is a marketing executive at Abound, which got a $3 million federal grant in 2008. He previously had been a principal of Cornerstone Technologies, which got $9.2 million in earmarks from Kanjorski and then went bankrupt.The channeling of taxpayer dollars to as part of the Democratic Friends and Family Program via the "renewable energy" charade continues apace.To add insult to injury, Abound is a Spanish owned company that is teetering a bit as the Spaniards wise up and realize their solar ventures have been fiscally disastrous and they begin to wean themselves away from the delusions that led them to the path of fiscal Armageddon. Who better to keep Abound afloat than US taxpayers? So our money is going to help bailout a Spanish company.But the Kanjorski...(Read Full Post)