Green groups seeking to milk the Washington cash cow

The Boston Globe has an interesting article on how green groups are coming together to work Washington. Gone are the days of innocent flower children drinking Boone's Farm jugs of fruity wine. Now, it's the hiring of high powered lobbyists more accustomed to gourmet food and French wine.Stonyfield Farm is slapping its familiar cow logo on more than just containers of yogurt these days. The New Hampshire-based organic food maker is one of more than 50 local companies to lend its corporate name to a political lobbying campaign aimed at persuading Congress to support climate and energy legislation on Capitol Hill.The green-friendly businesses - including many young tech companies not yet household names - are the regional face of a multimillion dollar lobbying effort aimed at key senators across the country. Their effort is backed by some of the world's most recognizable consumer brands and Fortune 500 companies, and guided by experienced political hands with deep connections to the...(Read Full Post)