Graph of the Day for July 16, 2010

"I think there's no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control. There's no doubt about that."  White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, July 11, 2010.

"To keep the House, we have a three-pronged strategy. To keep the House, it's called the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."  James Carville, July 13, 2010.

Source:  Business Insider.

Hoven's Index for July 16, 2010

Polling results, as of July 15, 2010:

Percent who approve of President Obama's job performance:  45%

Disapprove:  54%

Strongly approve:  26%

Strongly disapprove:  43%

Nevada Senate race, Angle (R) over Harry Reid (D):  46% to 43%

Missouri Senate race, Blunt (R) over Carnahan (D):  47% to 45%

Florida Senate race, Rubio (R) over Crist (I):  36% to 34%

Source: Rasmussen.

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