Goading the tea parties

As the coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party, I have considerable experience dealing with the conservative grassroots (yes, there are really conservatives in the Bay Area) and with a perpetually angry and emotionally driven leftwing.    What the White House and its minions have done by wagging the racist finger at the tea parties is simply deplorable. To be maliciously mischaracterized like that, causes me considerable emotional distress.  In fact, this is the kind of injustice that makes me clench my jaws at night.  It immediately puts good people on the defensive and makes them want to scream from the rooftops "How can you say that of me? If you only really knew me -- who I was, what I thought, how I've conducted myself -- you would never say that.  Could...never say that."  But we know we cannot respond that way because that is exactly how they want us to react.  They want to antagonize and goad us, weaken our resolve and...(Read Full Post)