Biden's '08 campaign fined by FEC for accepting illegal contributions

Apparently gross negligence and fiduciary malfeasance by high-ranking Democrat politicians no longer warrants mention by the propaganda arm of the ruling American leftist party. The latest mid-summer Friday night news-dump involves the levy by the Federal Election Commission of a significant fine against the clodhopper 2007-08 campaign of Vice President Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden. Andrew Malcolm , blogging at the Los Angeles Times reports that:[A]fter an audit of Biden's notoriously unsuccessful presidential campaign of 2007-08, during which he accepted more than $2 million in federal funds, the agency was fining him $219,000... The audit found that Biden's campaign illegally accepted a corporate charter air transportation gift...(involving) a plane owned by a New York hedge fund, the Clinton Group, controlled by major Democrat donor, George E. Hall, (who was) investigated by state Atty Gen. Andrew Cuomo.The audit also found that Biden's campaign accepted at least $106,000...(Read Full Post)