The Baehr Essentials

Peter Beinart has written a dishonest article about how Israel is trying to bring the Gazans to their knees by prohibiting all kinds of basic items from getting in, not just weapons. His argument is that Israel is trying to cause Hamas to fail in the eyes of the people.  If that is Israel's strategy, then I guess it will succeed if the Gazans get so disgusted with their lot, that they change horses, and vote Hamas out at the next election. I will have to check the Rasmussen tracking poll to see if the anti-Hamas candidates are moving up in the polls.   Is Beinart really that stupid?His latest article is pretty clear evidence, I think, that Beinart has now switched from a critic of Israel to working for the other side. Also see below some pictures of all that poverty, starvation, and lack of material goods on Gazan shelves. (Read Full Post)