The Back Nine

From the department of out-of-touch elitist scolds another out-of-touch elitist, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel quickly seized the opportunity to criticize British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward for participating in a yacht race over the weekend, while weary residents of the Gulf of Mexico continue to suffer from the worst oil spill in the nation's history. However, Emanuel didn't bother to mention that the night before Hayward's excursion, his boss was ignoring the wave while once again pretending to be a baseball fan at a game between the Washington Nationals and Chicago White Sox. The chief of staff also failed to remind us that on the same day the BP's chief executive was feeling the wind in his hair as his yacht coasted through the waters off England's shore, Obama was adjusting to the winds on the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base. Overall, it was evidently, a pretty chill weekend for the president, one that consisted of him eating Cracker Jack and spending some more...(Read Full Post)