Stop hiding millions of Christians.

There are millions of Christians in the United States, and three hard-to-ignore questions. They are: Why is the media hiding Christians? Do they not breathe? And where are all the "shoe-leather reporters" covering Christian stories? Granted, the atheist S.E. Cupp is speaking out. In her thought-provoking book Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity the bright writer states (p.213):The loss of the religion beat around the country also risks sending a dangerous message to news consumers - that faith has disappeared and religious issues aren't worth covering. Of course, the zeitgeist tells just the opposite story. In a country still so polarized over domestic policies [in the post-partisan Obama age] with explicit religious implications - gay marriage, abortion, abstinence education, prayer in school, stem cell research, and even the environment - religious ideology is often the stage on which those arguments are hashed out, not only by...(Read Full Post)