Obama team silent in the face of UN blood libel against Israel

Didn't  Obama said it was a good idea to join the UN Human Rights Council?

"Meeting today in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council heard the following statement from the Syrian representative, First Secretary Rania Al Rifaiy: ‘Israel ... is a state that is built on hatred. ... Let me quote a song that a group of children on a school bus in Israel sing merrily as they go to school and I quote ‘With my teeth I will rip your flesh. With my mouth I will suck your blood.' The Obama administration chose to join this Council, the UN's lead human rights body, and its representative was present. But they said nothing after hearing this blood libel."

Silence..silence....didn't Barack Obama promise that from day one he would stand in the forefront of fighting anti-Semitism? Didn't Obama say that no one has fought against anti-Semitism more tha

But that was all during the campaign. Where is Patrick Moynihan when you need him? May he rest in peace-the rest of us are not.

In Levittown, Penn., today, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, was asked about his church's magazine giving an award to Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

ABC News' Sunlen Miller has more about the town hall questioning HERE.

"This was done by a magazine that was connected to the church," Obama explained. "I would have never done it. It was primary focused on the rehabilitation work that they do for ex-offenders in Chicago. That doesn't excuse it, that just explains it."

Obama reminded the crowd that he'd denounced his church's praise of Farrakhan, saying, "I've been very clear about saying that was wrong. And nobody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of anti- Semitism than I have."

Really? No one?

Elie Wiesel? Simon Wiesenthal? Alan Dershowitz?

No one?