Obama parties on

As the nation watched election returns rolling in from 12 states, and Gulf Coast residents watched oil rolling in to their beaches and marshes, Barack Obama does what he does best: par-tay!

Last night was picnic night (not at an oily beach, though). Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times captures the mood:

The occasion Tuesday evening was yet another party at the White House, this one for members of Congress to celebrate what host President Obama called the "incredible sacrifices" they make, working and living in Washington on their perks and $174,000 a year salaries.

Perhaps the President earlier had been talking to his wife, who still seems to see herself a victim because she and her husband had to pay back student loans. What is this obsession of Democrats with the money they think they could have made if they hadn't gone into politics?

Apparently the sense of needing to make up for lost opportunities extends to the crowd. As Malcom wryly noted:

Although Obama has observed no "appetite" in Congress to address the pressing illegal immigrant issue this year, there was some good news at the picnic. The president noted that the members of Congress and their families were porking away so much of the free food that there would not be "a lot of leftovers."