Obama 'stands with Israel'...except when he doesn't

Always - always with this crew in the White House, you have to pay attention to their actions rather than just listening to their words: First, as Elliott Abrams pointed out in this space yesterday, the Obama administration wasn't even willing to block a "Presidential Statement" from coming out of the United Nations Security Council that many in the world quickly interpreted as a condemnation of Israel.Then, the State Department made a point of making it known on Wednesday that it had called on Israel to use "caution and restraint" towards the flotilla prior to the Israeli operation. As none other than Vice President Joe Biden told Charlie Rose, "You can argue whether Israel should have dropped people onto that ship or not."Now, this morning, Doyle McManus writes in the Los Angeles Times that "Obama aides hope that backing Israel now will pay off on issues that are more important than the immediate controversy, and the administration has already...(Read Full Post)