If D-Day had been reported by today's MSM

On the solemn day commemorating the sacrifices of US troops and their allies, it is difficult not to feel that much of what they gained at immeasurable cost is being thrown away, and that costly lessons learned at that time have been forgotten.Over the past week, the Mideast narrative pushed by the radical Left for decades -- that Israel is the perpetual aggressor, regardless of the facts -- officially bled through into the US mainstream media. Ironically, 66 years after D-Day, this marks a propaganda victory for Islamic imperialists pursuing the same two goals as the Third Reich: to exterminate the Jews (the goal "activists" chanted on the way to Gaza), and to impose their nightmarish form of fascism on the world. The fight for civilization then and now looks remarkably similar; the glaring difference is that the Allies of 1944 were not cast as villains by their own nations' media.False and misleading storylines that used to be confined...(Read Full Post)