Homeland Security cracks down on canoeists

As someone who believes that our nation has a right to enforce its borders, I should have been gratified when the Immigrations official at the border saw the canoe on our car and informed us that anyone who crossed the nearby international waterway illegally would be arrested and fined as much as $5,000.Trouble is, the river wasn't the Rio Grande, but the St. Croix, which defines the border between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.  And the threat of arrest wasn't aimed at illegal immigrants or terrorists but at canoeists like myself.  The St. Croix is a wild river that flows through unpopulated country.  Primitive campsites are maintained on both shores, some accessible by logging roads, but most reached only by water or by bushwhacking for miles through thick forest and marsh.  There are easier ways to sneak into the U.S. from Canada.  According to Homeland Security regulations, however, canoeists who begin their trip in Canada cannot step foot on American...(Read Full Post)