Execution? What execution?

Amid much fanfare and the inevitable revisiting by the Main Stream Media of that tired old debate over the merits and demerits of the death penalty every time one actually gets carried out, murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by a Utah firing squad Thursday night.The crime happened in 1985 and Gardner was sentenced to death in 1986. He was executed in 2010...24 years after receiving the ultimate in Green Mile therapy.Who in their right mind can legitimately regard this as a death sentence? 24 years of court appearances, appeals, counter appeals, motions, meeting with attorneys - …all the while living and breathing (unlike his victims) is hardly what one can describe as an "execution". This was a legal process that more often than not leads to the sentence being commuted to life in prison. To actually be executed at this stage of the process is rare and when compared with life in the non-homicidal demographic (i.e. us regular Joes) is within the bounds of normal...(Read Full Post)