Elena Kagan, Harvard Elitist

In Sunday's Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, staff writer Farah Stockman takes umbrage at the idea that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is an out-of-touch Harvard elitist, specifically singling out my American Thinker column "Elena Kagan and the Yale-Harvard Nexus" along with conservative lawyer Jay Sekulow and radio host Rush Limbaugh. Stockman contends that "elitist" is a "knee-jerk label" and a "lazy stereotype."While I am flattered to be mentioned in the company of Sekulow and Limbaugh, and equally flattered that the Boston Globe staff reads American Thinker, I'm afraid that Stockman's criticism is way off-base.Stockman, who describes herself as a 1996 Harvard grad, commits the classic liberal fallacy of equating "elitism" with "money," arguing that twenty percent of Harvard students come from families making less than $60,000 - as if this demonstrates how egalitarian Harvard supposedly is. She then makes an ad hominem...(Read Full Post)