Don't forget the media, Dr. Hanson

In an otherwise excellent column at, where he delightfully dissects the Obumbler, Victor Davis Hanson makes one glaring omission in describing all the separate components that came together to constitute the perfect storm that propelled an unqualified, leftist, community organizer into the most powerful office on earth. The reality of Barack Obama is that he was an inexperienced community organizer with an undistinguished record as a Senate newcomer. A perfect storm of popular anger at eight years of George Bush, a lackluster John McCain campaign, Obama's landmark candidacy as an African-American, a disingenuous campaign promising centrist and bipartisan governance, and the financial meltdown in 2008 got the relatively untried and unknown Obama elected. Did you spot the missing single most powerful component of this perfect storm? That's right bubba, Dr. Hanson forgot the MEDIA. More than any other of society's institutions, the mainstream media elected the One,...(Read Full Post)