Bartering for healthcare isn't as crazy as it sounds

Political opportunism reigns during election years. A candidate need make only one misstep, one errant statement, for an opponent to move in for the kill. Sometimes the blunder is real. Other times it's a matter of spin and perception. Nevada's ex-Senate candidate Sue Lowden, a Republican, learned this lesson firsthand. Lowden became a target when she suggested that patients should barter for medical treatment. The fur really flew when she spoke of how our grandparents bartered chickens for their doctor's services. Democrats seized on Lowden's apparent silliness. They launched a "chickens for checkups" website and attended Lowden's campaign events dressed in chicken suits. Lowden's detractors never considered her accuracy. Bartering was routine in bygone days. People traded their goods and services for needed goods and services, including medical attention. However, at face value it's hard to imagine a barter system working in the contemporary healthcare market....(Read Full Post)