Alan Dershowitz Finally Endorses a Republican

Alan Dershowitz, the long time Professor of Law at Harvard University, and a self-avowed liberal Democrat, took his time before he found a Republican he considered worth supporting -- just under 72 years to be exact. But on Wednesday in Chicago,  Dershowitz  endorsed his former law student,  Joel Pollak, the Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois' 9th district. Dershowitz, who has taught U.S. Senators, Governors, and Congressmen, described  Pollak as the single most promising political talent he has ever met.  Dershowitz has for many years, been a passionate and dedicated supporter of Israel, and he has fought the growing sentiment among many liberal Jews and academics  that Israel is the guilty party in the Middle East conflict. Dershowitz's  endorsement of Pollak was facilitated by the actions and positions of the incumbent Congresswoman whom Pollak is challenging.  Pollak is running against  Jan Schakowsky, who has been closely...(Read Full Post)