A life lesson from baseball

If you have enough interest in sports to even occasionally check the scores, you are likely aware of a recent American League baseball game in which twenty-six straight batters were retired before the twenty-seventh was called safe on a ground ball to first. It was - as they say - a bang-bang play; first baseman to his right, pitcher covering, close play. It would be twenty-seven straight outs - a perfect game. But wait. The umpire's right hand didn't go up. Instead the arms went out. Safe! Safe? Safe. And worse, it looked like a bad call. It looked like they had him. Number twenty-seven. Baseball has no instant replay - except for long fly balls that are narrowly fair or foul as they go into the stands - so the runner was safe and the game went on. Batter number twenty-eight hit a fly ball which was caught to end the game and the home team, the Detroit Tigers, won. But the real fun, and nonsense, was just starting.Although there is no official replay there was video of...(Read Full Post)